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Little Guy and Griffin

This is the last entry before my printshop-in-a-show experiment. I'm nervous and excited. I think as long as I don't leave something critical at home, it should be a lot of fun.

The final color carved, inked, and ready to go.

I printed the third color on my little test subject. It's a mixed blue trying to get close to indigo. When I pulled the first clean proof I could not help but smile. There is something entrancing about seeing this image appear for the first time.

My little dudes lined up. The background isn't quite as pink as it appears here.

Yes, I drew it and it's nearly symmetrical, but you never really know what the final image will look like. That, at least for me, is one of the attractions of printmaking.

The first step, carving away what will be white.

I have much still to do today; print the first color on the griffin, get more supplies, print new signage, pack things up. But I can't wait until that moment on Sunday when I pull the first finished griffin.

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