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I'm going to take a slight break from the Zodiac project this week to prepare for a show I'm doing next weekend. Originally it was not on my schedule, but the date opened up and spaces were still available.

The show, Oddmall, has been in Everett,WA for a few years and I've done it since 2014, both in fall and summer. Now the organizer is expanding his reach down to Tacoma and I decided to give the new venue a try. I was able to obtain a second booth space at a discount and wondered "What could I do with the extra space?" My inventory comfortably fills a 6x8 booth so twice the space with the same stock would look sparse. But I've been listening to a podcast on art marketing, selling, working conventions, etc. and following their advice, I saw a possibility.

I could set up a print shop.

A print run from a couple years ago in my studio.

I don't have a press any more, but all the printing I've been doing lately has been by hand, using a barren. The ink I use is water-soluble, so no stinky solvents. The promoter thought it was a great idea and we got the go-ahead from the venue. So here I go!

The original sketch, about 5x7.

Since my shop name is the Literate Griffin, I decided to do a Norse inspired griffin, done as a reduction print in a very limited run, and available only at the show.

I placed the original sketch face down on a linoleum block and used the side of a medium-soft pencil to to transfer the image.

I'll post updates and shots from the event. Or better yet, come see me there!

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